Grace Armstrong
College student seeking Christ's kingdom on earth, blogging about compassion and justice.
What do you mean, seeking Christ's kingdom with a website?
This website is my brainchild, the culmination of a Journalism project for my 1301 Writing and Reporting class and my blog about my two-month trip to Uganda and Zambia summer of 2016.  My desire in creating this website is for it to not only become a professional home for my resume and writing portfolio, but also a platform to share my experiences in Africa, to tell the stories of the people I meet, and to engage fellow college students in missions and service. 
I believe that students with all different gifts can bring something to the table in the global pursuit of compassion and justice.  I am going to Uganda for the first two weeks with all Business majors as a Journalism major because I believe this!  I hope this website will be a platform where a diversity of interests, vocations, and callings can converge.
Meet Arthur and Becca
Two mission-minded people have joined their ministries in pursuit of Christ's call
Arthur and Becca give a beautiful description of what it looks like to pursue justice, to take care of the orphans and the widows, and to follow the Great Commission in Matthew 28.  They each have a unique ministry in Uganda that helps the other.
I will be gone for 57 days in Africa this summer 2016. 

I will spend the first two weeks with Baylor's Business team in Uganda.  After my fellow Baylor students leave, I will head to Zambia to take an accounting class at North Rise University alongside other Zambian students for approximately three weeks.

I will return to Uganda in order to spend more time working with the Pastor's Discipleship Network filming marketing videos for them as well as compiling video footage into a documentary of not only the trip, but also of the Christian church in Uganda.

I will keep a daily blog, posting journal entries and uploading videos and pictures while I am away in order to share intimitely about what God is doing in Africa.  I would love for you to be a part of this trip with me through prayer; I know that I can do nothing without Christ. I would be so honored by your prayers in the next couple of months if you happened to think of me!

Join me, May 15 to July 11


Meet Pastor Richmond Wandera
Founder of Pastor's Discipleship Network 
His heart for Jesus, ministry, and people is evident in this video where he tells a piece of his story as a sponsor child for Compassion International.  He is husband to Rosette Wandera, brother of Arthur Kiwala, president and founder of Pastor's Discipleship Network, Pastor of New Life Baptist Church in Kireka Uganda, and currently working on his PhD.  I will be staying with him and his family for part of my time in Uganda.